About Me

I am a writer and graphic designer. I was called to homeschool my children in 2005 and through mentors, classes, retreats,  experimentation, and many conferences, became a tutor, curriculum developer, and speaker on classical, Christian education.

I began painting sets at the theater where my children were performing, and rediscovered a love of painting. I began teaching art classes at the theater school, Spiritual Twist Productions in 2019. I now offer Art & Design, Paint Your Way Through Art History, and Drawing & Painting for younger students.

I'm the author of, Marvelous to Behold, a classical approach to art history, and the PreScripts Series of art and handwriting books. I co-authored The Question and The Conversation with Leigh Bortins. All are available from ClassicalConversationsBooks.com

My freelance design clients include the CiRCE Institute, Blue Tent Online, Spiritual Twist Productions, Gracie's Goodies, and others.For my clients, I create logos, trade show booth graphics, t-shirts, brochures, posters, and books. 

Contact Me:  Courtney@catfishtech.com

About Me

I am a writer and graphic designer who decided to homeschool my three amazing kids. I read everything ever written on classical Christian homeschooling (well, everything I could get my hands on). Some would say that makes me an expert. I don't know if I'm an expert, but after 12 years, I've seen a lot! I love art, literature, travel, and teaching. I love being creative and cultivating creativity in others.


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