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Class will begin with the reading of a fun fable. This will give us lots of ideas for things to draw...especially animals! Students will learn drawing techniques including shading, texture, showing motion, and much more!

This class meets for one hour once a week for 12 weeks each semester. Students may practice on their own between classes, but homework is not required. (They usually keep drawing because it's fun!)

This is a great starting point for young art students or for students who have completed, "Into the Woods" and want to draw more! (In fact, this class was inspired by the students in "Into the Woods" asking to learn how to draw more animals! This one's for you!) 

Tuesdays 1:30 to 2:30

Wednesday 9:00 to 10:00

Registration fee: $65

Early bird payment $150 per semester if paid by Aug. 1

After Aug. 1, tuition is $170 per semester 


First week of classes: August 22

Fall Break: October 10

Winter Break: Week of Nov 21

Class Resumes the week of January 9

Spring Break the week of March 13th

Last week of class: April 3


What is the sequence of art classes that my child should take?

We're flexible because lots of different levels can enjoy drawing the same subjects. You're welcome to choose a topic that interests your student whatever their level is. If I were to recommend a sequence, this would be the first class. It's a great starting point. Here is a recommended sequence:

1. Fables

2. Woods

3. Medieval History

4. Sea and Sky

5. Art History 

6. Great Books

7. Watercolors (parents will enjoy this too)

All levels are welcome in all classes, you don't have to take them in this order. 

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