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Into the Woods is a drawing class and an adventure!

Students imagine a hike into the woods and hear a poem about things they might see there! Then, they learn to draw those things! Trees, flowers, foxes, caterpillars and butterflies, and a rhino (what? you never know what you'll see!)

Students get the most out of the class when they have the coordinating book: Draw Your Way Into the Woods by Courtney Sanford. Available only at Delightful Art With the book, you can extend the lesson by having your student copy the poem and continue to practice using the step-by-step guide and beautfiul full-color prints of great art. Enrolled students receive a discount on the book! (Book is recommended but not required.)

Students will use pencils and blending tools and watercolors and markers.

Your trail guide will be Grace Martin.

This class goes well with Classical Conversation's Foundations program, Challenge A, B, and I.

This class will focus on drawing techniques and skills. Every class will be like the next chapter in a story in which we go a little further into the woods and discover something new each week. A short, fun poem and great artwork from art history will give us ideas for drawing the things we discover: maybe we will come upon "a host of golden daffodils", "dappled things", or, "a tree with a nest of robins in her hair." In addition to drawing, we'll learn to use color with, colored pencils, water colors, or markers. (A supply list will be sent in a pdf upon registration.) Class will meet live, online once a week for one hour. This class uses the book, "Draw Your Way into the Woods." You will receive a coupon code for the book as soon as you pay the registration fee.


Students will create their own nature journal, adding at least one drawing each week. You might want to extend the lesson by having your students draw the subject again, draw from nature outside, memorize the poem, or copy the poem for handwriting practice. (You might even want to choose spelling words from the poem for your spelling lesson!) Students use the book, "Draw Your Way Into the Woods" for this class which will have the poem, samples of great art from the masters, and step by step instructions so your students will have their source material at their fingertips. Registered students will receive a coupon code for a discount on the book. Be sure to register first, then use the coupon code you recieve.

These classes will be led by Grace Martin who recently graduated from Regent University with a degree in communications and fine art. She is a fun, energetic artist who is excited to share her love of the Lord, love of art history, and her love of creating art with students. I met Grace when she was a teaching assistant at the Christian youth theater where I volunteer painting sets. She is a compassionate and fun leader. Your students will love her!   Note:  (Tuition is per-student. If siblings take the class, pay tuition for each student.) 

This class meets for one hour once a week for 12 weeks each semester. Students may practice on their own between classes, but homework is not required.

Tuesday 3:00 to 4:00

Wednesday 10:15 to 11:15

$65 Registration Fee

Early Bird Tuition (before Aug. 1) $165 per semester per student

(Note that you pay per student even if siblings are both taking the class.)

After Aug. 1, tuition will be $185 per person per semester 


First week of classes: August 22

Fall Break: October 10

Winter Break: Week of Nov 21

Class Resumes the week of January 9

Spring Break the week of March 13th

Last week of class: April 3

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