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Time Travel Agent, Maddie, takes her students back in time to learn history and do some fun art projects together. Plus, it will inspire young readers to read great books about the time period!

Students will read a chapter book on their own (or parents can read it aloud). During the online class, Maddie will go over The Who-What-How-What* of the book and together they will do a creative project inspired by the book and the history! (Two to three classes will be spent on each book giving students plenty of time to read the book.) 

Each year, we will offer a different time-period. This year (2022-2023) will be medieval history. They may design a family crest, draw and color a stained glass window, draw castles and maps, and so much more! Every week is something new! Students will work in a mixed-media art journal so that at the end of the class they have a beautiful portfolio of their work!

Books are chosen from the Beautiful Feet Medieval History Intermediate Pack for grades 4-8 so you can easily extend the lesson with their study guides, timelines, and writing lessons. (You do not need to purchase the whole package, though, you can just purchase the list of books below. Check used book stores, too.)

Class meets for one hour once a week for 24 weeks. (12 weeks before Christmas break, and 12 weeks after Christmas break.)

This class goes well with Classical Conversation's Foundations classes! (Especially 4th, 5th, and 6th graders who want to integrate literature with their Foundations memory work!)

No art experience is necessary. All levels are welcome.

Wednesday 1:00 to 2:00

Wednesday 3:00 to 4:00

King Arthur and the Knighs of the Round Table, Green

Adam of the Road

The Kite Rider

One Thousand and One Arabian Nights

The Trumpter of Krakow

The Adventures of Robin Hood

Fine Print

Queen Eleanor

The Magna Charta, James daugherty

Morning Star of the Reformation


$65 Registration Fee

Early Bird Tuition (before Aug. 1) $165 per semester per student

(Note that you pay per student even if siblings are both taking the class.)

After Aug. 1, tuition will be $185 per person per semester

First week of classes: September 12 

Fall Break: the week of October 17

Thanksgiving Break: the week of November 21

Last week of classes: December 12

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. *What is a A Who-What-How-What? It is a list of questions that helps young readers with literary analysis and with practice, helps them with reading comprehension.

You ask, "Who" was that story about? Their answers are the characters.

"What was the problem?" The answer gives you the conflict.

"How was the problem solved?" That answer is the plot and resolution

"What did they learn from it?" This answer is the moral of the story.

Another two questions that they will explore in class is, "Where and when did this happen?" this is the setting and the time period. They might paint a landscape of the setting and draw a map of the country it takes place in. They will also discuss the time period and what it might have been like to live at that time.

2.  Do I have to read all the books? To get the most out of the class, read all the books by the suggested deadlines, but, it isn't required. Students will enjoy the art projects and hearing about the characters, plots, and history even if they haven't read the book. You might even let the class be an introduction to the book that you read later.

3. Do I have to purchase the books from Beautiful Feet? No, in fact, you might find them at a used book store!

4. Do I have to purchase the entire pack? No (but you can if you want to extend the lessons at home.)

5. Can younger students take the class? Yes. You can read aloud the books and help them with the projects. You're welcome to help them with their art projects, too, or modify them to be age appropriate. Please note that all kids who participate in the online class pay tuition, even if they are siblings.

6. Can all my kids participate in the online class? Yes, but please pay tuition for each student who participates online. 

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