I did a little painting in college, a little painting on the walls of my children's bed rooms...but I didn't really find my voice until I was asked to paint sets at Spiritual Twist Productions. When Leslie Hannah asked me to create an art gallery set for "Beauty and the Beast" I decided to create canvases that I could keep instead of tossing them after the play. I created a variety of paintings for the Beast's gallery and discovered I love painting! So, I keep doing it! Below are a few recent paintings.

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I am a writer and graphic designer who decided to homeschool my three amazing kids. I read everything ever written on classical Christian homeschooling (well, everything I could get my hands on). Some would say that makes me an expert. I don't know if I'm an expert, but after 12 years, I've seen a lot! I love art, literature, travel, and teaching. I love being creative and cultivating creativity in others.


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