Frequently Asked Questions

What if I miss a class? Are the classes recorded?

Yes, the classes are recorded and you can watch the recording about 24 hours after the live class.

Can I join a class after it has started?

Yes, you can join and watch the recordings to catch up.

Can a high school student take the summer class?

Yes, high school students are welcome to join the summer class if they don't have time during the school year to take "Paint Your Way Through Art History". I created the summer class for parents, especially parents who will be teaching using "Marvelous to Behold" so I mention teaching tips sometimes. It goes fast and only covers 12 artists. I really recommend the year-long class for students though, they cover a lot of interesting artists that aren't in the summer class: Van Gogh, Giotto, Pollock, Picasso, Matisse, and much more.

My student is considering graphic design, do you have a class for that?

My year-long class covers much of what I did in my first year of design school. We practice

the design fundamentals with artists such as Matisse, Escher, and Seurat. They'll learn about color mixing for print, positive and negative space, showing tyexture, showing motion, and creating dynamic compositions, and more. I believe that learning design using paper, pen, and paint is a strong foundation. They can translate all those skills to the computer when they're ready.

If I took the summer class, can I take Art Level 2?

Yes, you can. Except, you will have missed a lot of good things that are in Paint Your Way Through Art History. The second semester, especially. We do lots of modern art, which is really prevalent in design today. I'd hate for you to miss out on that: Matisse, Escher, Pollock, Picasso...those guys had a huge influence on graphic design. So, if you're not going to be a senior, and you have the time, I'd suggest doing Paint Your Way Through Art History. Some of the artists are the same, but you can tweak the art something a little different the second time. If you are a senior and you want more open-ended projects and you're really self-motivated, then you may enjoy Art Level 2

Do you offer discounts?

I offer an early bird rate. If you register and pay your first semester tuition by July 16, you can save money. No coupon code or anything is needed. The price will be lower until July 17.

How much do the supplies cost for Paint Your Way Through Art History?

$60 to $80.   The biggest expense is going to be the art journal. It's $30 on Amazon. (But, you'd spend more buying canvas or art paper, so for 30 pieces of art, it's a good deal.) All other supplies are available in a wide range of prices, so you can choose how much you want to spend...for example Artist Loft acrylic paint is about $8 a tube (you need 5 colors). Golden is at least twice that price. Other brands are in the middle...but sometimes there is a buy one get one free! Keep an eye out for deals close to school starting. You can also save money by not buying black...mix your own. Brushes and other supplies are also available in a variety of prices. 

Can a younger student join a class for older students?

If they have a lot of art experience and are self-motivated, yes. Paint Your Way Through Art History includes a 20 minute lecture on art history that younger students might find boring. We cover worldview and philosophy...which they will get the most out of if they are 14 or older. Paint Your Way Into the Woods does not have a lecture component. There is a brief introduction, then students get busy doing art together. If your student loves art and is younger than the age for Into the Woods, they should be may need to be available to help with the tech. 

How do you keep your supplies organized?

At Micheals they have scrap booking boxes that are about 14 x 14 inches that work well. Any basket or box that you already have works well too. Just keep it all in one container. That will hold all the art supplies. Keep them all together with scissors, tape, pencils, scrap paper, etc. so that they have everything handy.