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This class is for high school students who have completed Paint Your Way Through Art History.

We will draw inspiration from our favorite books and create an illustrated version of the book using illustration techniques, map making, character development, visualizing setting, creating illustrations with depth, design, typography, controlling the flow on a spread and from page to page, and more! The study of typography is very helpful if you're interested in graphic design. We will also be talking a lot about page layouts, cover designs, and other graphic design topics. I will be using traditional design and illustration techniques such as cut paper, ink, watercolor, pencil, colored pencil, and hand lettering...old school, baby! (Which is a great foundation for a graphic designer!)

I'll use The Hobbit as our inspiration in the first semester and the Odyssey in the second semester, but students can choose their own book if they prefer. (If they are reading Shakespeare this year, they could use those readings for inspiration, too!)

Students will need a mixed media art journal and the supplies from Art History.

This class goes well with Classical Conversation's Challenge II, III and IV. (Take this class during Challenge II if you took Art History while you were in Challenge I.)

Class meets for an hour and a half on Thursdays for 15 weeks each semester:

Thursday 2:00 to 3:30

Thursday 8:30pm to 10:00

If a student misses a class they can watch a recording of the class whenever it's convenient.

Note: tuition is per student. If siblings take the class, they both pay tuition.

Registration Fee: $65

Tuition: $250 if paid by Aug. 1

After August 1, tuition is $250 per semester

First week of classes: August 22. 

Fall Break: the week of October 17

Thanksgiving Break: the week of November 21

Last week of classes: December 12

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