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  • Sun, May 16
    Emerald Isle
    May 16, 1:00 PM EDT – May 19, 11:00 AM EDT
    Emerald Isle, Emerald Isle, NC 28594, USA
    This week was originally planned for adults, but didn't I'm wondering if any students are interested. I need 10 to make it happen. email me if you're interested!
About Me

I was a writer, graphic designer, and art teacher until I had kids...then I added "classical educator" to the list of things I do. I really embraced the homeschool life studying Latin and reading classics and taking my kids on "field trips" to Colorado, Austria, Germany, and Mexico. I helped develop curriculum in English grammar, cursive writing, drawing, and math. I traveled and spoke to other homeschoolers encouraging them and giving practical teaching advice.

I taught lots of classes for homeschoolers, but my favorite was Western Cultural History. I was really inspired by Francis Schaeffer and Nancy Pearcey. Their books really helped me understand the flow of history and see it in art.


When the shut down happened, I moved my art classes online, thinking it'd be temporary...but it actually worked really well and I was able to reach students and parents all over the country, Canada, Hawaii, and Japan! We built relationships and painted our way through art history online and had a fabulous time. 


This year, I'm completing a new book on art history that covers worldview insights, devotions, and practical instruction in drawing and painting. I'm also hosting art retreats and a second level class for those who complete the first class and want to keep going.

My oldest two kids graduate college this year (2021). One is heading to dental school at UNC-Chapel Hill and the other has the travel bug so we have no idea where she'll go, but I know it will be exciting. I have one more at home finishing high school and preparing to do great things.

My dog Zoey is by my side during my classes and usually talks to us in the evening class asking for treats. Morning students often hear Fabio, the rooster, crow a little.


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