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Meet Grace Martin!

She was the first teacher to join the Delightful Art Co. teacher team. She teaches "Draw Your Way Into The Woods" online. Grace graduated from a Regent University with a degree in Communications and a minor in Art. She sells her own artwork and teaches in person art classes and summer art camps in her home town. She is also a graphic designer for her church! Grace loves poetry and her enthusiasm for it spreads to her students as she reads and talks about the poems in "Draw Your Way Into the Woods"! She loves the integration of poems and art! She's currently working with Courtney on a new class and book in which students will paint their way to the sea-- an introduction to acrylic painting class which will begin in the fall of 2022! (If you're a "member" of this website, you'll get that info as soon as it's available.) 

Art Teachers:

Are you an art teacher, an aspiring art teacher, or Western Cultural history teacher?

Are you interested in incorporating classical, Christian philosophy into your art classes?

Or, are you interested in incorporating fine art projects into your history class?

Are you interested in getting new ideas and inspiration for art lessons?

You're in the right place! I'd like to support you with video lessons, live on line lessons, group discounts on books, and licenses to show my videos to your class if you'd like.

Self-paced class

12 video lessons on art history with painting and drawing lessons you can paint along with. This class is called, "Paint Your Way Through Marvelous to Behold." it covers the 12 paintings in the book, "Marvelous to Behold". These paintings are also in another book, "Reflections on Art History" which has those 12 plus many more. One of these books would be nice to have for the self-paced class. This would be an excellent preparation for you if you plan to teach Paint Your Way Through Art History or Challenge 2 with Classical Conversations. When you register, you'll receive a PDF. Open that and add your name and email to the summer class list so you'll get email updates if needed. The information to access the videos will be in that PDF too. Email me if you have any questions:

Live online summer class 

This class is the same as the self-paced class, but meets live. We meet twice a week for six weeks in the summer. You have the opportunity to upload your work for feedback and ask questions and interact with me and other teachers. We often stay after class and chat about all kinds of things. It's very fun! This would be an excellent preparation for you if you plan to teach Paint Your Way Through Art History or Challenge 2 with Classical Conversations.




Teaching an in person class

I would be honored if you'd like to teach my classes in person at your home, a church, an art school, a ministry, or a co op. Email me and I can give you a group discount so all your students can have a book to work from. Having taught art for many years, my best advice is to use a resource that gives you a good curriculum so you aren't spending all your time thinking about the next art class. My books are thoughtfully designed and laid out for a good art class that covers the basics, lots of pro tips, and creative ideas so that you can concentrate on your students, and you don't spend hours outside of class thinking of all the things you could do. I have two books that are designed for classes: Draw Your Way Into the Woods (24 lessons) and Reflections on Art History: Paint Your Way Through Art History. If you would like to show the videos in your class, especially the videos on art history- one each week for 30 weeks, I can get you a license to do that.


Are you interested in joining my team of Delightful Art Co. Art Teachers? 

Delightful Art Co. Teachers have been selected and personally trained by me so they have the same philosophy and love of classical art education. They have completed at least one full class with me and attended an art retreat and seminar on teaching art classically. These teachers choose the class times and whether it is in-person or on-line. They list their classes on the website, and students register for the class on the website. Your students would have access to recorded classes in the event they miss a class or if they want to watch a demonstration again. You would have access to recorded classes to help you prepare for you class. These teachers also benefit from Delightful Art Co. branding and marketing. I can also sponsor a CC practicum in your area to help get the word out about your classes.

For more information, please contact me at:

SUMMER INTENSIVE 2021: Paint Your Way Through Marvelous to Behold

Or watch the recorded classes on your own any time!

Live class meets twice a week in the summer or watch the class recordings at your own pace. 

Class recordings will be available for the school year 2021-2022 so you can review before your class.

If you missed the live class, you can pay tuition and get access to all the videos all year: over 36 videos! (Each class is divided into 3 or 4 segments.)

Tuition: $195 


After you register, you will receive a PDF document. Inside that PDF is a link to choose your day and time.

If you register after the class has ended, email me and I'll send you the class packet of reference material.


If you took the class last year, you're welcome to do it again...there are lots of options each week, you can try a different twist on the art projects this year or repeat them to improve your skills!

By request from Western Cultural History Teachers we're going to discuss each painting in the book Marvelous to Behold and do our own creative artwork inspired by each painting! I'll show lots of other works by the selected artist or period, then demonstrate some painting techniques and give you some ideas for your own composition. You'll paint and draw along with me "in" my studio, live. At the following class, we'll look at the student art that gets uploaded between classes. You'll enjoy the creative community and have 12 compositions to share with your Challenge II students this fall to spark conversations. (Students are welcome to join, too.) Cost: $190 due by May 28.

All levels of art experience welcome! I'll give lots of ideas for all levels from copying the whole piece to just doing a small portion or doing an art journal-type composition of your thoughts and reactions to the art. (Supply list on the PDF you receive when you pay.) Email if you have questions: To purchase Marvelous to Behold visit:

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