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SUMMER INTENSIVE 2022: Paint Your Way Through Marvelous to Behold

This summer, learn watercolors!

This class is now available as a self-paced class. You can purchase it at


By request from Western Cultural History Teachers we're going to discuss each painting in the book Marvelous to Behold and do our own creative artwork inspired by each painting! I'll show lots of other works by the selected artist or period, then demonstrate some painting techniques and give you some ideas for your own composition. You'll paint and draw along with me "in" my studio, live.

All levels of art experience welcome! I'll give lots of ideas for all levels from copying the whole piece to just doing a small portion or doing an art journal-type composition of your thoughts and reactions to the art. (Supply list on the PDF you receive when you pay.) To purchase Marvelous to Behold visit:

Summer is full, so you'll have access to recordings to watch when it suits you! You will have access to the recordings for one full year.

The videos are for personal use only, not for showing to groups or in Challenge II. If you know someone who would benefit from the content, please encourage them to purchase the class for themselves. If you'd like to use the videos in a group, please have all students pay for the class.

Tuition for the 12 classes is  $250 (There is no registration fee for this class. Make just one payment.)

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