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Reflections on Art History

A beautiful coffee-table book with 25 chapters. Each chapter introduces the reader to an artist or art period with a beautiful image of their work, scripture for reflection, and a couple of paragraphs on the worldview reflected in the art. It also has a map showing you where in the world this artist lived. Following that is a step-by-step guide to creating a piece of art in imitation or reflection on the art. In the back, you'll find a timeline that lines up the art with important world events and dates. High school ages.

This book is used in the class, Paint Your Way Through Art History. When you register for the class, you will receive a discount code for the book!

(The class continues with 5 additional lessons not included in the book because the artists are modern and their work is under copyright protection. the book has several art projects that are not included in the online class for independent work.) When you register for a class, you'll receive a coupon code for $5 off this book!


Available only through Delightful Art Co.


Draw Your Way Into The Woods

A beautiful coffee-table book with 24 chapters. Every chapter begins with a fun poem, like Japperwocky, or The Caterpillar and a piece of artwork that relates. You'll see Monet, VanGogh, Millet, Audubon, and more!

You'll get a step-by-step guide to drawing something from the poem: trees, leaves, caterpillars, wind, hippos (what? yep. anything is possible!)

A variety of color techniques are described: watercolor, colored pencil, and markers. Students will learn about shading, patterns, contours, depth, shadow, and more!

This book is used in the class, Draw Your Way Into the Woods which is intended for approx. ages 9 to 13, but the book can be used and enjoyed at any age for anyone who wants to learn or get more practice in drawing. When you register for the class, you will receive a discount code for the book!


Available only through Delightful Art Co.

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Marvelous to Behold

A beautiful coffee-table book with 11chapters. Each chapter delves deeply into the artwork of a particular artist beginning with Berlingherio and ending with Monet. Includes original source documents for the classical student.

This book is used in the Summer Intensive Online Class: Paint Your Way Through Marvelous to Behold.

Available from


PreScripts Cursive Writing and Drawing  Series

In these consumable workbooks, students alternate between cursive writing practice and drawing. Red is the beginner book with short sentences and step by step drawings, then orange, then green. The blue cover is intended for middle or high school with longer passages in cursive and drawing from photos.

Available from


Graphic Design

One of my clients was describing what she wanted in a logo. She said, "I want a tiny piece of beautiful art." I think that describes perfectly what a logo should be: a tiny piece of art. It should amplify your message through color, shape, and form. And it should just feel right. When I design a logo for a client, I create several options and keep tweaking details until we both know it's just right. I begin by getting to know my client and listening to their aspirations and learning what their message is and defining their style so that I can create the perfect piece of art that communicates who they are.



I graduated from the School of Design at NCSU a long time ago...we actually used X-acto knives and paper and goldenrod and a darkroom to produce images. So I developed my sense of design very hands on! Now, it's mostly all on the computer, but sometimes I incorporate actual drawings with pen and ink or paintings into designs. I work closely with clients to understand who they are and develop logos and images that really amplify their message. Below are some samples of logos, posters, t-shirts, book designs, catalogs, and multimedia presentations.

I also write marketing copy and original text. I've written articles and books on art history, English grammar, and homeschooling. 

If you would like a quote on a project, please email me at

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