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One of my clients was describing what she wanted in a logo. She said, "I want a tiny piece of beautiful art." I think that describes perfectly what a logo should be: a tiny piece of art. It should amplify your message through color, shape, and form. And it should just feel right. When I design a logo for a client, I create several options and keep tweaking details until we both know it's just right. I begin by getting to know my client and listening to their aspirations and learning what their message is and defining their style so that I can create the perfect piece of art that communicates who they are.



I graduated from the School of Design at NCSU a long time ago...we actually used X-acto knives and paper and goldenrod and a darkroom to produce images. So I developed my sense of design very hands on! Now, it's mostly all on the computer, but sometimes I incorporate actual drawings with pen and ink or paintings into designs. I work closely with clients to understand who they are and develop logos and images that really amplify their message. Below are some samples of logos, posters, t-shirts, book designs, catalogs, and multimedia presentations.

I also write marketing copy and original text. I've written articles and books on art history, English grammar, and homeschooling. 

If you would like a quote on a project, please email me at

About Me

I am a writer and graphic designer who decided to homeschool my three amazing kids. I read everything ever written on classical Christian homeschooling (well, everything I could get my hands on). Some would say that makes me an expert. I don't know if I'm an expert, but after 12 years, I've seen a lot! I love art, literature, travel, and teaching. I love being creative and cultivating creativity in others.


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