Big Eared Bunny: Art from the Kitchen

I created this fun paper mâché bunny with things I found in my kitchen and you can, too!

It was the week before Easter and I was in quarantine at home, but I wanted to create something cheerful to celebrate spring so I chose the shape of a bunny. You can create any animal using the following method....

First decide what animal you're going to create and visualize the basic shapes that create that animal's unique form. I visualized a large sphere for the body, an extra large egg for the head, a ball for a tail and ovals for ears. I wanted a whimsical look, so I exaggerated the size of the ears. (Cuteness is usually a function of extra large something: eyes, head, paws, etc. I love big ears, so that was my choice this time.)

The things you'll need are: heavy-weight aluminum foil (standard weight will work, too), tape, flour, water, white glue, a mixing bowl, a spoon, and some paper.

(I had a big roll of old printer paper that my friends at Spiritual Twist Productions gave me and it works great on extra-large paper mâché, but printer paper is just the same. This might be a good way to recycle your used printer paper!)

Tear off about a two-foot long strip of aluminum foil and ball it up to form your main body. You don't have to squeeze it tight. A loose ball is all you need.