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In this new class, Kate Perry will introduce students to her unique and beautiful art journaling techniques. Together, you'll create your own beautiful watercolor art journal.

She will demonstrate color mixing, masking, flowing, and lead students in brush stroke practice. They'll draw inspiration for content from the Psalms (first semester) and the Parables (second semester). For examples, after reading a Psalm about green pastures, you might practice mixing shades of green, then learn brush strokes that create a grass-like effect, then create a few pages in your art journal creating patterns and compositions with the skills you've learned. You might journal the scripture and prayers or personal notes in your journal. Kate will teach hand lettering and give you ideas for incorporating text into your watercolor!

You'll create patterns, discuss color pallets and try unique paints and shimmer paints.

Plus, you'll spend time contemplating psalms and parables with a group of creative friends...learning to read symbolism and metaphor and use the concepts in art.

You'll feel inspired and refreshed after spending time creating with Kate!

This class goes well with Classical Conversation's Challenge IV program...students and directors will all enjoy this class and take their theology contemplation to a whole new level!

This class meets for an hour and a half once a week. Students will be given prompts and may practice on their own between classes. Two hours of optional practice will be assigned each week (students wanting a high school fine arts credit for this course would need to get in another practice session each week).


This course will last 15 weeks each semester. 

Recommended for adults, homeschool parents, Challenge IV directors, Challenge IV students, Challenge III students, and anyone interested in learning watercolors or taking their watercolor practice to a new level! 


Tuesdays 7 to 8:30pm

Wednesday 10 to 11:30am


Registration fee: $65

Early bird payment $150 per semester if paid by Aug. 1

After Aug. 1 tuition is $170 per semester

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